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The men of Kansas Beta are generations of quality created through the process of becoming a Phi. You can become apart of a special organization that will impart you into the next generation; your generation. Will you be the next member to add to the multitude of honors that Kansas Beta receives? All of our members with distinguished awards started in the same way you will when you sign your green card.

“Phi Delta Theta is something that you never outgrow, or leave behind as a ‘college club.’ Phi Delta Theta is a Fraternity for Life. In closing I ask you today to take a moment and think about the oath you took as a pledge and the Bond that you signed when you become a brother of Phi Delta Theta.” -Chris Hill, Washburn 94′

The opportunity that Kansas Beta presents is open to anyone that values the experience of becoming a Phi. With your induction into our chapter you will be welcomed by a large group of alumni and active members. These members and alumni will give you networking opportunities and an experience like no other at Washburn.

“Becoming a member of Phi Delta Theta is a highlight of my life. I didn’t realize it’s importance at the time back in 1944. I value the friendships the Fraternity has fostered through the years.” -Bob Taggart, Washburn 47′

The kind of friends you make in college last a lifetime, which is why Phi Delta Theta is the Fraternity for Life. Becoming a Phi is a significant milestone in a college education no matter what university you are admitted to. Choosing the right fraternity is picking a support group of brothers that bring about the best in you and the best in Phi Delta Theta. With national high rankings chapters, Phi Delta Theta is like having a friend in every corner of the United States.

“True brotherhood can not be summed up in words it is a way of life.” -Bryan Monninger, Washburn 87′

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