You can be worry free with Kansas Beta

The chapter house of Phi Delta Theta at Washburn University prides itself on the organization wide mandated alcohol free housing and no hazing policy. Here at Washburn, your student can experience the best impression of what an Ichabod means. Not only does this bring better academics and a better college experience, but a more involved experience for you; the parent.

Our chapter is truly a different experience compared to other options on campus. We believe and represent the kind of values you expect your incoming student to learn about in a college experience. Want to know how to run a business? Plenty of our alumni run their own. Want to know how to be a successful politician? Along with having one of the highest ranked law schools on campus, we have notable alumni with high ranking positions in government.

Kansas Beta is the kind of fraternity you hope to find in a college setting. We also encourage all of our parents to get involved. With all things considered, we hope that you can trust us with a new quality member in your student. With Kansas Beta, we can help your student grow to be the kind of professional you expected to have when he admitted himself to Washburn.

Our Parents Club

For more information on what Kansas Beta offers for parents you can email for more information