The choice of Greek Life

Greek Life is a well thought out and important decision. With Greek Life at Washburn you can expect campus involvement, a heightened social life and tailgates… so many tailgates. Some of the best relationships you will build will be in college. Surrounding yourself with a culture of brothers that truly bring out the college experience in Greek Life is a decision you will never regret.

It’s a decision worth thinking about

The varied options of Greek Life at Washburn are worth taking time to mull over. Some fraternities are not the right fit for certain college students looking into going Greek. However, when it comes down to it, Phi Delta Theta should be a noteworthy option for every student interested in Greek Life. Kansas Beta is a chapter of moral rectitude, sound learning and friendship.

These three cardinal principles guide us to a Greek society that truly holds itself to a higher standard. You can be confident in your choice of joining Kansas Beta when you see what you can become. Someone who not only is a greater version of themselves, but someone who makes a greater version of Washburn and the campus around them. Which is why our active members are so involved on campus.

You have many choices

Even if you find out Phi Delta Theta is not the perfect choice for you, we encourage you to get involved with Greek Life. The right fraternity (or sorority) can enrich your college years with rewarding service to the community, leadership training, social activities, academic achievement, and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Greek Life on campus

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